Our annual event served as an international platform to bring together experts from the power electronics and magnetics industry.

The last July 24th we celebrated in Madrid our annual event, Frenetic Con 2019, with the participation of speakers of notorious prestige such as Ángel de Castro, Full Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Technology, in Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. The event was broadcast live from the Gymage Lounge Resort in Madrid, with more than 70 participants and it included a round of Q&A.

During the morning a workshop was given, directed by Jose Mª Molina, CEO of Frenetic. We also had the presentations of Juan Gallego and Lucas Nicieza, who talked respectively about magnetics design and magnetics measurement, respectively.

In the afternoon, the event was focused in different lectures based on the latest economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies from different magnetics experts, like Pablo Colomina, from Jesiva Transformers.

We also learned with David Castillo, from Ferroxcube, about advancements in magnetics materials, like ferrites. As well as the latest technical innovations and application developments from Frenetic.

From Ángel de Castro, we had a presentation about Hardware in the Loop, a method for emulating real converters with FPGAs. After that, Javier Uceda, Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, received our annual award for his professional career. But the most interesting thing was a demonstration of Frenetic's Artificial Intelligence, and the big surprise, the presentation of our catalog.

After an intense evening, we had the opportunity to learn from other magnetics experts while enjoying a cocktail, networking with peers, professionals, and potential business partners involved in a variety of applications.

We sincerely hope that in the coming years, Frenetic Con will serve as an international platform for meeting researchers from around the world, widen professional contact and create new opportunities, including establishing new collaborations.

Want to see the full conference? Check out our Youtube channel, and don't forget to subscribe! 

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