Planar Magnetic Design to improve App note transformer in Infineon document
The idea of improving the power density in this document of Infineon shows how Frenetic works and the results obtained.

This document presents a FRENETIC design that could replace the transformer and resonant inductor components used in the application note “Design of a 600 W HB LLC Converter using 600 V CoolMOS P6” of INFINEON, with the aim of showing the capabilities of the optimization procedure performed by FRENETIC 

As it can be appreciated in the pictures, the idea of having 2 magnetic elements is substituted by a single magnetic element.


The planar transformer was tested under full load conditions during 20 minutes, time that it required to reach thermal steady state with 84 oC.

It can be therefore concluded that the design proposed by Frenetic could had an outstanding performance in the referred application. 

If you want to download the pdf, visit this link.

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